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Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Features :

Efficient Handling :

• Smooth controls equally suitable for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

• Particularly sensitive and controlled lowering of goods with the special lowering valve.

• The optional fast lift (up to 120 kg) ensures that pallets can be lifted clear of the floor with just 3 pump strokes.

• The maximum lift height is achieved with only 5 pump strokes.

• Optimized hydraulic system for effortless pumping.

• Drawbar pull required is reduced by the bushes on the wheels.



Description :

Our resilient and easy to handle stainless steel hand pallet trucks of Gama Manufacturing Company are the perfect support for all applications with particularly high hygiene requirements and high risk of corrosion. The used stainless steel is extremely acid and corrosion resistant, which makes the vehicles from the perfectly suited for operations in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Up to the smallest detail we took care that these hand pallet trucks are easy and efficient to clean and that no hard to reach corners and niches remain. Naturally, this series, too, offers the benefits and our standards. The compact design makes these stainless steel hand pallet trucks extremely maneuverable while little extras such as the brackets on the fork tips make the stainless steel pallet pick-up easier. For the fast and efficient transport of goods in demanding environments.

• Corrosion and acid-resistant chassis.

• Closed fork tips for splash protection.

• Easy to clean construction.

• Skid bar for easy pallet pick-up.

• Food grade lubricants (class H1/H2)


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