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Electric Pallet Truck


Energy-efficient operation :

• Battery and components are protected and the efficiency is increased through economic energy management.
• Intelligent automatic shut-off engages after 30 minutes without use.
• Energy recovery due to regenerative braking when decelerating.
Innovative drive and control technology :
• Motors with 3-phase AC technology for more efficiency, as well as reduced operating costs thanks to the perfect pairing with our own controllers.



Description :

The extremely economic and compact electric pallet truck of Gama Manufacturing Company are the perfect support for internal goods transport in small and medium-sized companies. In order to minimize their energy consumption, the electric pallet trucks are equipped with powerful AC technology as well as maintenance-free gel batteries. The built-in charger allows for quick and easy charging on any 230 V power outlet. The ergonomic tiller handle and low ground clearance with special entry rollers on the fork tips for easy pallet pickup a well as the sprung and cushioned support wheels ensure a particularly high level of safety and stability. The optional weighing system can be used wherever cargo has to be moved and weighed at the same time. Thus, two operations can be efficiently accomplished with only one truck.

• Extremely maneuverable due to its compact size.

• Powerful and maintenance-free 3-phase AC motors.

• Support wheels for perfectly safe travel even in curves.

• Maintenance-free gel battery and built-in charger.

• Entry rollers for easy pallet pickup.


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