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Hand Pallet Truck

Features :

Efficient handling :

• Smooth controls equally suitable for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

• Particularly sensitive and controlled lowering of goods with the special lowering valve.

• The drawbar pull required is reduced by the bushes on the wheels.

Safe and maneuverable :

• Safe and easy operation even in confined spaces.

Maximum stability and durability :

• Strong forks and contoured shapes.

• Protected entry rollers.



Description :

The robust and reliable hand pallet truck is ideal for the daily transport of goods over short distances. It is particularly easy to handle with its ergonomic control panel, which can be operated from either side with just one hand. The optimized hydraulic system in conjunction with the chromed wheel and joint bushings allows for easy movement of goods with minimal force. This leads to particularly ergonomic working, thereby increasing safety in your company. The availability of this hand pallet truck is ensured not only by its permanently lubricated connections but also with its maintenance-free hydraulic pump system and optimized lowering valve. The high-performance steel also ensures the durability of the hand pallet truck. For the safe and smooth transport of goods in any situation.

• Ergonomic tiller for right and left-handed operators alike.

• Maintenance-free due to permanently lubricated connections.

• Special lowering valve for sensitive lowering.


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