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Drum Tilter


Description :

Drum tilters are used in a variety of ways during industrial production. They are ideal for charging coaters; filling hoppers, reactors and other process vessels; dispensing applications; and discharging powders, granules, pellets and tablets.

A patented tilt profile system, and tampered custom chutes allow for ease in charging tablet coaters with vertical charging ports; filling hoppers, reactors and general applications.

Gama Manufacturing Company’s Tilters include stainless steel construction with an upgradable finish; non-marking, white polyolefin wheels; powered floor-locking devices; and mounted, push-button controls.

Tilters are used to position the drum at an angle to control the discharge of material (usually powders). Stainless steel tilters work best to provide a slight angle to ease the transition of the material and allow for scooping from the drum. They can also be angled more steeply so substances can be “raked” out as the material is emptied.


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