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Drum Platform Trolley


Description :

Gama Manufacturing Company’s drum platform trolley with handle is suitable for moving drums of up to 220 liters around the workplace. You can load the platform trolley using an drum lifter, drum rotator or another suitable drum handler. The drum platform trolley is made from mild steel and has a grit blasted and powder-coated finish. This model has 100mm fixed front wheels and 100mm rear braked castors. When you leave the Drum Platform Trolley with handle in a static position, the braked castors ensure the dolly doesn’t roll away. The wheels used on our drum trollies include precision bearings as standard. This ensures a low rolling resistance making the trollies easy to move around. We understand the tough industrial environment manual handling equipment is used in. As such we endeavor to design and manufacture drum handling equipment that lasts a long time after many years of use. Welding quality is important to us and as such we employ only qualified and skilled welders to fabricate our equipment. The oil drum dolly shown has a CNC brake press folded tray which is then welded at the seams. Each weld is inspected by a second welder fabricator before leaving our fabrication shop.


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