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Reel Pallet Truck

Features :

Efficient Handling :

• The fast lift (up to 120 kg) ensures that euro pallets can be lifted clear of the ground with just 3 pump strokes.

• The maximum lift height is achieved with only 5 pump strokes.

• Particularly sensitive and controlled lowering of goods with the special lowering valve.

• Optimized hydraulic system for effortless pumping.

• Drawbar pull required is reduced by the bushes on the wheels.



Description :

The robust and particularly maneuverable hand pallet trucks of Gama Manufacturing Company are ideal for the transport of heavy goods over shorter distances. Even with heavy cargo they remain surprisingly quiet and agile. This is made possible through their compact format and their particularly wide steering radius. Chromed bushes on the wheels and joints make sure that pushing and pulling of heavy goods is possible without much force. The tiller head, too, ensures ergonomic and therefore safe working with its design that is intuitive and easy to operate for left- as well as right-handed operators. Due to the hardened steel and the stable forks move very heavy goods with ease. The especially enforced frame makes these hand trucks reliable companions in warehouses as well as on HGV. For the transport of goods with extreme center’s of gravity a variety of fork lengths are available.

• Robust construction and innovative pump hydraulic system.

• Time-saving fast lift for up to 120 kg.

• Ergonomic tiller for right- and left-handed operators alike.

• Flexible steering radius of 105° for best maneuverability.

• Maintenance-free due to permanently lubricated connections.


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